Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit

I never got into the whole Law & Order thing. I get that the show is supposedly pretty good and it's one of the longest lasting shows on television. One of the infinite spinoffs of the show was Law & Order: SVU, with the SVU standing for "Special Victims Unit." What about a spinoff called Law & Order: SCU, where the SCU means "Special Creatures Unit?" Not quite marketable you think. I'm inclined to think that Rob Anderson agrees with you, and his book Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit is available through Indy Planet.

Written and Illustrated by Rob Anderson, Leandro Panganiban, Eve Yap, Steve Bird, Coleen Allen and E.T. Dollman, Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit is a black and white preview issue that features three stories. "Feral" is about rookie Animal Control Officer Marita Vasquez facing her fears and a pack of komodo dragon/cassowary bird hybrids. "Breeding Stock" features Vasquez again, as she's paired with veteran Kaminski to discover a warehouse of illegal animal hybrids. Finally, "Girl Trouble" is all about Panda Dog saving a young girl from a giant horned Mastiff. That's right. Panda Dog.

The tagline for the book is "Breakthroughs in transgenic science have made patchwork, designer animals commonplace. Animal Control is a dangerous job, but somebody's got to do it..." That should give you an indication of what you're in for.

Check out some of the interiors after the jump.