Captain America Fashion

Now that everyone knows that Chris Evans will be playing Captain America in Captain America: First Avenger (and presumably the other movies where Cap will be featured), the next question is what will the costume look like? Cap, like just about every other comic character, has gone through various costume changes throughout his run in comics. JoBlo saw the costumes for the film during a screen test, but was relegated to merely describing them. Now, AICN seems to have gotten their hands on the renders that seemingly confirm what JoBlo saw.

According to JoBlo:

"Captain America will have two different costumes in the film, according to Johnston. He told the LA Times that he'll have a costume designed by the Army for his initial USO appearances that's slightly more flashy and a nod to the original design. As he gets called into active duty though, Steve Rogers (who hated the original suit design), creates a new costume that's more battle-ready. This second costume is the one I saw and will the primary costume for the film."

Based on that description by JoBlo and the image above it appears as if Cap will look vaguely familiar to comic book fans. It doesn't seem like director Joe Johnston is trying to radicalize the look at all and is instead content with just sticking to what we know. JoBlo continues:

"The suit actually has a practical WWII military look to it with some of the obvious Captain America flourishes that we would expect. It's hard to really pass judgment on a costume until you see it properly lit, in motion and doing what it's meant to do. But based on what I saw, I'm pretty impressed with how they were able to adapt the costume for the film.

As for the shield, it actually hews very closely to the classic design of red/white/red rings with the white star in a blue circle at the middle."

Most recently, films like the X-Men triology and Catwoman have taken what I will call "liberties" with the traditional costumes. I mean, how disappointed was everyone that we didn't get to see Wolverine in his traditional yellow and blue violence outfit? Thankfully, Captain America won't be straying too far from the norm as far as his costume and shield go. This is definitely a promising start and while it remains to be seen how the costume looks in action, at the very least for now it seems that Evans will look good standing still.