Captain Bludgeon HATES!

Captain Bludgeon HATES! is a comic created by Jason Becker. As such, he would like to share the comic with you by offering the first issue to you sans charge. The plan is to put up a full color, finished version on paid download and other eReader services. The final version will feature color, a letters page, back-up stories, a comic strip and other extras.

You can get a free copy of the first issue here. Read Mr. Becker's impassioned letter after the jump.

This is a preview of the first issue of "Captain Bludgeon HATES!". We plan to share it with anyone and everyone willing to give it a look. If you like this preview that you are about to view or know anyone who might I encourage you to do the same. The plan is to put up a full color "finished" version on paid download services and fingers crossed eReader services. The finished "pay" version will feature full color, a letters page, back-up stories, a comic strip in the style of mini-marvels as well as other back matter.

We will also do POD copies of this "roughed up" version available here to sell at cons. This version is meant to pimp the eventual finished download version. The plan is to do a TPB or a HC once enough material has been generated.

We are looking for letters for the letters page if you would like to write some feedback. We would like letters to be "in the spirit" of the book itself. So... the wilder the response the better. Negative responses are encouraged. Feel free to send hate mail if you in fact hate the book. Of course We don't mean for you to feel obligated to write a letter but would really appreciate it if you shared this link with friends and fans via email, social networking sites or blogs.

At this early stage of development we are also looking for feedback and suggestions on design, color as well as new ways to promote and distribute this project.

If you are a publisher or are affiliated with a publisher and are interested adding Captain Bludgeon HATES! to your publishing slate we would also be interested in hearing from you.

Jason Becker