DCU Online E3 2010 Trailer

Microsoft had their big presser yesterday at E3 and, quite honestly, it fell flat on its face. I don't know if it was because the crowd really just didn't care or sat on their hands the whole time, but the applause was tepid to non-existent AT BEST. I think the only saving grace was the Oprah action at the end where everyone there got free 360s, and I didn't even get one. Other publishers are there as well, including Sony Online Entertainment, and they were intent on showing off their new game due later this year in DCU Online. Part of the announcement was a trailer as well as a brief blurb about the game.

"This trailer also shows the tremendous influence Jim Lee has brought to the table working as the Executive Creative Director on this title – his edgy take on the DC Universe has been transformed from the traditional 2D comic book medium into an immersive 3D interactive environment where you become the next legend!" the post reads. "Between now and our release in November, stay tuned for tons of exciting releases from the team – we can’t wait to show you what is up our sleeves!"

The trailer is pretty badass but I don't know. I get why you can't play as Batman or Superman because everyone would want to play them (same reason the Marvel MMO got canned because you can't have a million Wolverines and Spider-mans running around). And I suppose that fighting alongside the big characters is a fair compromise. I just worry that the game will still be lacking a bit because you aren't the main characters in the DC Universe. But, I guess we'll find out come November.

Check out the trailer after the jump.