Defense with the BoomPick

These days just go quicker and quicker before you know it the fall will be here. Along those weeks at least we have new comics coming out to satisfy our boredom.

Tomorrow is one of these days and from looking over the lists there are a ton of great new comics coming out, including a few new series just starting up. For my pick today I have chosen a comic that has been going on for a few weeks, but it's a stellar comic as I just enjoy the premise they have done. The comic is The Light #3 and this next issue may answer some of our questions.

So far in this series a mysterious virus has hit a small town that infects you in a peculiar way: when you look at any light source connected to the grid you get infected. What’s worse is after infection you begin to glow and are consumed by fire from the inside, which is not a real pleasant way to go. The main character Coyle’s only task is to get his daughter Avery out of town and somewhere safe by using welding goggles to shield his eyes from the danger. Now the two are travelling with a few more survivors and are heading inland from the coast to find safety, but more is going to be revealed as daybreak hits and they see how far the virus has come already.