Defense with the BoomPick

Why can’t it be Wednesday already? If you're reading this you know why it should be Wednesday and not Tuesday, because new comics are out tomorrow.

Man are there some comics coming out tomorrow that are going to kick some ass and take names. For my pick today I went back to the Merc you know you love, but won’t admit out loud. Deadpool is the man I speak of and coming out tomorrow is Merc with a Mouth #12.

Only one more issue after this one of our favorite Merc as he tries to get himself, Dr. Betty and the A.I.M. guys back to their own dimension while being chased down by superhero zombies. Deadpool has a plan of course, to get some help from Dr. Veronica in getting transportation back to the portal saving all the backsides from a horrible death.

Only monkey wrench in the plan is Dr. Veronica has been turned into a zombie by a bite or two from the Absorbing Man and Crusher Creel during an attack on her hideout. Setting up a nice big finale in the last issue and a showdown for the ages testing Deadpool’s knack for getting out of any situation in a way like never before.