Defense with the BoomPick

The time has come for the middle of the week to hit and it's always a good occasion. New comics are out tomorrow and really make looking forward to Wednesday as something other than another day before Friday. Slew of good ones are coming out for your reading desires, but only one can be chosen today. I went with an old favorite in the form of Marvel Zombies 5 #4. Let's see if these lone heroes can find a cure to the zombie plague.

After Machine Man and crew take care of the medieval zombies and show King Arthur how bringing the pain is done, they find themselves in a futuristic alternate Universe. In this reality humans are hunted with even more fervor as a Zombo-matic 5000 is on the hunt looking for any and all humans to be devoured. With a larger twist the Machine Man of this reality is the king of it all, setting up a showdown between the two that will most likely end in only one of them walking away.