Defense with the BoomStick

Back to the grind is the old saying, but can you ever really take a day off in this zombie world. If you do manage to find time for yourself away from the world and zombies enjoy those moments as they are few and far between. It’s always the little things that help remind us that we are human and a little break is needed so we don’t go insane from the world around us. Now let's have some news and the tip of the week.

For the news I've been getting reports out of the Florida Keys about an uptick in zombie attacks and fortifications falling. Originally, when the pandemic hit they had Key West sealed off all the way up towards Islamorada with the bridge destroyed at that point. Now a rash of new attacks and outbreaks have occurred and all survivors have been told to retreat further down the Keys. Just received message this morning that they have gotten all they can down to the other part of Islamorada and have blown the bridge again at the point just below Upper Matecumbe Key.

Staying in the Caribbean I also have news out of Puerto Rico that is rather promising. The town of Puerto Real has been successfully fortified and is slowly working to get the port set up to accept survivors. They have a wall that surrounds the city (including farm land as well for them) and are working on adding more structures for housing and aid. Cuba, working in conjunction with the U.S. Troops based at Guantanamo Bay, has been sending what assistance they can as well and are lending a hand in security until Puerto Rico can take over. Talk on the radio from the remnants of the U.S. government stationed in New England have been saying more air drops are on the way for the Caribbean in the near future. That’s all I have for news. Now let's get to the tip of the week.

Tip today is going to be about what to do if you're under siege at your place and have to make an escape.

Now this will be a pretty general escape plan as not every safehouse is the same model, but it can be applied to most. Having an escape plan is something you always need, as even the most secure place could still fall. Make sure to map out your exit strategy from anywhere inside your safe house, knowing numerous exits and rendezvous points that all in the group agree on. Depending on where the zombies are coming from it's essential to have multiple fallback positions outside of your safe house. Also, have it worked out where you are to head after meeting up with the members of your group; another safe location already scouted out works the best, bonus if you have this location stocked and ready beforehand.

This is something that every member of your group needs to know and daily drills come in handy. Making your escape needs to become a task you can do without thinking if the time comes to do so. For each member of your group they need to have an escape pack that has a few days’ worth of supplies needed for the journey and have these close by during an attack. One additional step you can do is if you have access to dynamite or any sort of explosives you can rig your escape route to blow after getting through it, giving you more time to get away. If the time comes to make your escape most likely members of your group have died and this isn’t the time for heroics; survival is the key. I know that sounds cold, but there are times when it's necessary to save the ones you can.

That’s all I have today for the news and tip. Until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting.