Defense with the BoomStick

Been a good weekend in these parts of Montana and now since Monday is here it's time for more work to get done as there ain’t no rest for the wicked. It’s been a long time since the zombie pandemic occurred and the days haven’t gotten any easier to survive. With perseverance humans can outlast these zombies and we will get our life back with no constant threat around every corner. Now let us get to the news as I have only good for today and my tip of the week.

For the news I've gotten reports from the Pacific Ocean, specifically off of Japan. The reports are being broadcasted from Gunkanshima Island, a.k.a. Battleship Island, about a large group of survivors there who are rebuilding to make the island more secure. With the concrete sea wall surrounding the entire island it has been the perfect safe haven and port to grow a survivor outpost. Most of the island was rubble after being abandoned and the coal mine closing in 1974, but now it has a new purpose.

They are working in conjunction with survivors on nearby Nakanoshima Island to build up defenses and help other survivors found among the seas. If in that area of the Pacific Ocean you should head that way for a safe port and a place to call home. I take this as real good news, because if these islands so close to a larger land mass are making it that’s gotta mean more are out there surviving as well.

Now for the tip of the week.

For my tip today I thought to go over some melee weapons, focusing specifically on the pros and cons of a baseball bat, metal and wooden, to a crowbar.

At this point in the zombie pandemic most weapons you're going to find are melee ones. Sure you can come across guns if happening through a town or small city, but the risk is going to be high for probably little gain. When searching for weapons focus on melee weapons as they are easier to find among your travels.

In regards to the baseball bat you have a nice solid weapon to use in dispatching some zombies. With good reach and easy to swing the baseball bat is a sturdy yet silent weapon to carry with you. Metal versus wooden is tough; with the wooden bat you have the risk of breaking it the more you use it. The flipside is the metal bat can bend and become just as useless to you in a pinch with prolonged use. Before all this baseball was a sport everybody played so you're bound to find baseball bats all over, so when yours gets damaged or broken just find a new one.

Crowbar I feel is at times a better melee weapon to carry with you, because of the added benefit you get from it as a tool. With the crowbar you can use it not only to bash in a zombie’s head, but to also pry open a door. If you have to break a lock that is standing in your way of safety it does that, or you can use it as leverage to help move something out of the way. There are different sizes of crowbars and finding one that is nice and long will give you the reach of a baseball bat with more strength and the ability to take the repeated abuse of hitting zombies with it. A good melee weapon should be something every member of your group needs to carry along with the primary firearm.

There you have it folks. Until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting, stick together and don’t turn on each other as all we've got going for us against the zombies are our abilities to think and work together.