Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news and a tip for survivors.)

Here we have Monday again and I think this week is going to be a lot rougher then anything we have seen. I say this as we are under siege here by a large horde of zombies that have our encampment just about surrounded. Now I'm not too concerned about this as we have the ammo and supplies to last; it’s just going to take a while is the problem. Don’t be surprised if this time next week I am still talking about it. Let's get to the news and the tip.

News is some good and of course some bad as more settlements have been coming under siege at alarming rates. More zombies are coming up from Latin America and are all heading North alongside the surviving population that remains. Some good news out of this is that the zombies that have been attacking us here and at other settlements look in bad shape, which means they might be dying off.

Haven’t gotten any more reports from overseas so I can’t verify the state of zombies there, but I'm sure most of the near decomposed ones are probably from the earliest batch of infected. The U.S. Government has been grabbing zombies to do tests on them and have determined they do decompose over time, but still can’t determine the exact timeframe. When more work information is available I will keep you all updated. Guess that’s all the good news I have. I know not entirely good, but you've gotta take small wins when you can.

Now time for the tip. Today I thought I would go over some melee weapon tactics when fighting a zombie or fleeing one.

Now with zombies being slow you have the advantage already as long as you aren’t surrounded; otherwise, their numbers will get the better of you. An easy weapon to make is a spear using just a knife and a strong stick. Provided it's long enough you can use it to first trip up a zombie and then move in to stab the head. When approaching the downed zombie make sure it doesn’t grab your leg and pull you in for a bite. Circle around it and come at it with the head in front of you.

A good spear can also be an excellent defensive weapon that can save your ass when faced with a sticky situation. Again provided it’s a good size in length you can use the blunt end to knock zombies out of your way and use the spear like a staff and shove with it. Only real drawback I can think of with a spear made out of a strong stick is that with prolonged use can cause it to break. Have a backup knife in case your spear does break and go for a quick kill strike in the head. If you can make one out of metal it will hold up a lot longer; plus, with a few welds you can secure the spear tip tighter, giving you more power behind a thrust.

That’s all for today. Until next week. this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.