Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

So let’s talk Ultron.

I’m placing money on the proposition that the Avengers’ movie is going to feature Ultron in a big way. Why? Well, it just seems that when you peruse the Avengers’ rogue’s gallery, Ultron is the most…classic villain, maybe? Or at least, the threat that’s easiest to explain in a way that viewers rally towards the heroes?

Kang is a warlord from the distant future, Immortus IS Kang from the even MORE distant future (only know he is concerned with being the caretaker of all of time itself), the Grim Reaper might look cool on film but always had a complicated backstory…

Of course there’s the Hulk. I presume that, like the comics, the Avengers will originally be brought together to contain one big, green, rampaging monster. But yeah- I’m thinking Ultron is the most sensible script choice. That’s not to say that Ultron is a chump that the Avengers are going to easily plow through. Quite the opposite- in fact, growing up, I was always frequently surprised that Ultron didn’t completely annihilate the Avengers (which he was constantly raving about doing).

He’s made of adamantium and is virtually indestructible, his mind is a super-computer and can coordinate complex tactics and deceptions to confuse them and above all- Ultron just frickin’ attacks anyone in his way all out. Really, it always seemed like a strange combination with me: sometimes Ultron would put some complicated plot in motion that would take years to unfold. But when the fighting started, he completely lacked subtlety- he would just mercilessly attempt to eviscerate any superhero in his way, raving about organic this and inferior being that. I mean, I guess it makes sense- he’s a robot. When the fighting starts, he’s going to commit.

There’s some other nice bits that make for easy filmmaking here- originally created by Hank Pym, Ultron’s relentless hate for humanity is a your typical "Man plays God and fails" story. In fact, at one point, Ultron even had a strange attraction to Janet Van Dyne, A.K.A. Wasp. I guess even robots can have Oedipal complexes. Still, the very creation of Ultron can be a nice transition into introducing Pym and Dyne into the Avengers’ fold.

Of course, the fact that Ultron has the kind of personality problems that he (or it?) does is a nice allusion to Pym’s own. After all, Pym isn’t the most stable guy and he’s Ultron’s father. And he wants Janet too, right? Sometimes to a point that’s unhealthy. So Ultron’s malfunctioning might be less of a commentary on humanity and more indicative of Pym’s issues, making for some nice, scary foreshadowing.

In recent years, Ultron has shown a propensity for subverting technology to his whims. So an army of Ultron-like robots at his command isn’t out of the question- giving Thor and Iron Man something to do with their screen time.

In fact, if the writers wanted to get REALLY hardcore (and you know I want them to…)? They could throw Vision in here, for good measure.

While not a founding member, I always thought of the Vision as a very representative character for the Avengers. Programmed with some type of synthetic brain functioning (patterned after Simon Williams, another Avenger who goes by the name Wonder Man and whose powers and origin are so complicated I seriously doubt he’ll appear in any Avengers’ films), Vision was originally meant to be Ultron’s trump card againt the Avengers. Instead, Vision ultimately helps the team put Ultron down (temporarily, of course. Like any good villain).

But, the crowning moment will inevitably be Ultron’s rebirth in a synthetic, human-like form. Ultron is constantly making improvements and remaking itself- but you know the producers are going to cast some inhumanely gorgeous actress to walk near naked out of some freaky cocoon, declare that she is Ultron and that all of humanity will be extinguished to make way for the new, "perfect" life that has been created. This writes itself. I don’t normally like blending eras of a comic together- but this new Ultron is a woman thing they’ve got going on is just too eerie and fitting to pass up.