Hot Huntress

As a comic book fan, I'm familiar with capes. Despite the rant in The Incredibles arguing against capes, I can see their usefulness when it comes to superheroes. Capes are even better when they're paired with babes, as in the case of Capes -N- Babes.

Chris Flick has created the comic that boasts a strip mall, a comic book shop and a werewolf. There's also the requisite babe in a cape as well, and his latest strip is sort of an experiment in art. Chris writes that "every now and then, an artist needs to take a risk and do something he or she has never tried before." Above is the start of that new style, as his tri-daily (?) strip has been drawn in comic book page format. You can check out the strip above and his explanation after the jump, and be sure to check out the site here.

Every now and then, an artist needs to take a risk and do something he or she has never tried before… they need to do so to challenge themselves and to see if they can push a little farther than they’ve ever tried to go before. It’s sort of like lifting weights… every now and then, you have to put a couple of extra plates on that benchpress just to see of you can really lift the extra weight.

Well, today’s strip is such a thing for me. I haven’t attempted to draw a “comic book page” in a REALLY long time. Now, this isn’t a comic book page but it’s the most complicated Capes & babes strip I’ve drawn yet. Truth of the matter is, I could have easily cut this strip in to two parts and stretched the current “Rob & Grace / Animal Control” story arc out a little longer but I wanted to end their particular arc on Friday and I have the perfect joke to end this arc. That meant, in order to properly tell this particular joke, I needed more panels in order to get to all the elements I wanted AND get to that final panel.

How’d I do?

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it already, you guys REALLY need to check out Rob’s Panda Dog Press website where you can find more information about “Animal Control” and all of his other stuff that he’s got going on. I think you’ll like it. A lot!