Lady Robotika Needs Your Help

Indie comics don't have the limitless coffers that the likes of Marvel and DC have. I mean, we can't all be storied publishers that are nearly eight decades old with a wealth of intellectual capital built up for moving products. So when an indie comic like Lady Robotika comes along you really want it to do well. Unfortunately, when it doesn't do well (because it doesn't have the marketing machine that the aforementioned publishers do) it risks being canceled. Having said all that, the comic needs your help.

How can you help? By preordering Lady Robotika #1 by June 30. This preorder is necessary because the creators need to be able to definitively say they're printing X copies of the work to make it financially worthwhile. In case you're wondering what about the story could possibly interest you in ordering, Lady Robotika is about rock star Jane Wiedlin. More specifically, alien abducted Jane Wiedlin. She's abducted to play a concert for the alien's Earth obsessed emperor. All's good and well on her trip until the aliens inject her with nanites hoping to enslave her. UNTIL she realizes what they've done learns to control said nanites, becoming the superpowered cyborg liberator Lady Robotika.