Magnus Robot Fighter #2 Cover

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better name for a comic book writer than Jim Shooter. One of his comics for Dark Horse seems to be a perfect fit for his name in Magnus Robot Fighter #2, the story about "Metal Mob" criminals that use robot muscle to terrorize the city. Where does Shooter's name play in?

Big Guns, the cyborg mob enforcer, stands between Magnus and the "Pens," a prison of sorts for would-be slaves. More specifically, Leeja Clane and the stunningly beautiful Cinnette, both kidnap victims, are prime material for the chattel trade. It's up to Magnus and his ability to fight against an army of killers to save the prisoners of Metal Mob, which includes the above-mentioned women that he's, of course, falling in love with.

Joining Shooter is artist Bill Reinhold and cover artist Raymond Swanland for the book that goes on sale August 4. The cover for the issue has just been released by Dark Horse, so feel free to revel in it until then.