New Arrivals: June 30, 2010

I don't want to get all personal on you or anything, but this Wednesday is an important day. Not only are there new comics coming out, but it's also my birthday. My 30th birthday. I've heard that "30 is the new 20" (whatever the hell that means) and am looking forward to the day. It's an even bigger bonus because of the fact that it's Wednesday, meaning new comics for all. So when you're browsing your local comic book shop, buy yourself an extra comic and say it's a birthday present to me. I want you to keep it though, knowing you made my day.

The comics coming out this week have some good options, but I'd recommend you hurry to your local store to get a rather unique book this week. The book is Crossed: Family Values #1 Auxiliary Edition and it's unique because you probably won't find it anywhere.

The reason you probably won't find it anywhere is because the issue being limited in print to 1,500 copies. That's right folks: only 1,500 copies will be printed. Why should you try to be one of the first 1,500? Well, writer David Lapham, artist Javier Barreno cover artist Matt Martin are bringing a ton of depravity in the first issue of this newest Crossed series from Avatar Press.


New Arrivals: June 30, 2010