Preview - Death of Dracula #1

Marvel's been down the vampire road before. You know, they have the whole "Blade" fellow who happens to be a powerful half-man, half-vampire known as the Daywalker. What about the big boy himself in Dracula? Well, Marvel wants a go at him as well in Death of Dracula #1. His death at least.

In the first issue, writer Victor Gischler and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli start Marvel's Heroic Age by killing "one of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous villains." I'm sure Dracula is more than Marvel's most dangerous villain as he's been around a lot longer than mutants, but I'll play along. Needless to say, his death stands to have some negative ramifications on the entire Marvel Universe. Fun times.

Check out some interiors after the jump. The issue is set to go on sale June 30.