Preview - Gearz Graphic Novel

Bluewater Productions knows that July 28 is a week after Comic-Con (at least, I hope they do). So it only makes sense that they would release Gearz Graphic Novel on that day while your comic book adrenaline is still high and geek endorphines are still coursing through your body.

Written by Dan Rafter, with art by Thiago Silva and a cover by Rantz, Gearz Graphic Novel is about a group of unlikely female heroes. They're not unlikely heroes because they're women mind you (that would just be sexist), but they're unlikely because their robots tied to a high school girl. Karen Chugg wanted a dog, but instead she got three female robot bodyguards. These new friends don't come without strings attached though, as the President himself wants them back.

Bluewater Productions sums the story up in one worst-case scenario laden sentence: "Can an ordinary, if slightly unpopular, teen survive killer robots, super-powered school custodians, snotty classmates, chemically boosted monsters and hooded assassins while staying on track to become class valedictorian?"

Gearz Graphic Novel will cost $19.99 when it hits stores July 28. Interiors are after the jump.