Preview - Lady Deadpool #1

I realize that this Deadpool thing is all the rage with the kids. Deadpool is the new Wolverine apparently, and if you go to a convention chances are you'll see just as many Deadpools as Slave Leias. What if you could combine the two though? A female Deadpool with sass (and a proficiency with a chain)? Marvel is one step ahead of you with Lady Deadpool #1.

Written by Mary H.K. Choi and illustrated by Kenneth Lashley, Lady Deadpool #1 is all about Lady Deadpool's cable TV watching habits. Granted, it's what she can fit in when she's not taking down General America but hey, we've all got to make time for True Blood right? The book is on sale July 21 for $3.99 and interiors are available for free as of now after the jump.