Review – Angelus #4

Top Cow is back with another rousing issue of Angelus written by the architect of the Witchblade Universe Ron Marz with art by Stjepan Sejic. Jackie Estacado, otherwise known as The Darkness, has found out the Dani Baptiste has become the host for the Angelus. The Darkness and Angelus are the two primal forces in the universe representing good and evil, light and darkness. They and their hosts have battled throughout time to gain the upper hand and continue to do so in the modern day.

Dani has relocated back to her home of New Orleans after a stint in New York City that led to some very eventful happenings in the War of the Witchblades. Her girlfriend Finch has come with her as well, to both help and discover where their relationship can go. Dani doesn’t appear to have any allies until suddenly the lead of Angelus’ host of angels, Sabine, presents herself as a friend and ally. Developments since have brought that assumption into question, and while Jackie has the full cooperation of the minions of Darkness, does Dani have the cooperation of the forces of Light? Perhaps in issue #4 we will learn a little more of the intentions of all parties involved as well as the resolve of some more…normal…people.

Angelus #4 picks up with the fight between Jackie and Dani, both appropriately transformed in all their glory. This is the new Angelus host's first battle with the Darkness and it doesn’t appear to be going well. Just when all seems lost, however, Finch enters the scene to distract Dani and Sabine suddenly shows up to assist. Jackie’s intentions may not have been to destroy Dani after all, but with The Darkness, who knows what plans lie in his mind.

In the meantime in hell, Sabine’s angels manage to escape with an artifact known as the Wheel of Shadows. We get glimpses of its immense power as both an angel of the raiding force and eventually Sabine herself unleash its power. I think it is best summed up as something that a purported supporter of Angelus and the power of the Light shouldn’t be using. We also get a look at Dani and Finch’s continually growing relationship after the battle ends, but a surprise visitor may throw a slight wrench into the works. At the conclusion of one fight a new nemesis for Dani in the battle to control Angelus is finally fully realized and shown. Let me tell you, Jackie is badass in his visuals and powers but this new power is pretty frightening as well. The battle between The Darkness and The Angelus rages on and Dani’s personal life isn’t getting any simpler.

Marz, impressive as always, continues to weave enough storylines together to keep things interesting while not getting so bogged down that the story doesn’t progress. The bright colors and contrast between the forces of Angelus and Darkness are well drawn and just have images that pop off the page as Sejic continues to do a great job. I enjoy every comic in this universe from Witchblade to Magdalena and Angelus is no exception. Marz has designed and brought to fruition a really wonderful group of books and if you aren’t reading them all…what are you waiting for?

Check out some interiors below to see what I mean and pick this one up next time you are in stores or at your favorite online retailer.