Review – Berserker #6

Welcome back to another bloodsoaked issue of Berserker. I’ll be your guide today as Top Cow brings us the sixth issue of this title, written by Rick Loverd with art by Jeremy Haun.

Up until now we’ve been following two newcomers on the berserking scene, Aaron Bural and Farris Jorn. They have the cursed power of a berserker, causing them to lose control and often hurt those closest to them. It appears that there are two opposing organizations jockeying for power in this universe named Midgard and Asgaard. The organizations are led by Val Balder and Karl Locke respectively and seem to have different ideas behind what being a berserker should mean. Val Balder believes in science and control, while Karl Locke believes in power.

The first five issues really focused on the background of Aaron and Farris. We got a look at their brutal powers and the devastation it can wreak on both property and human flesh. They have developed different motivations and goals, but one thing is clear: they are rare talents in terms of their power. Locke has manipulated events to bring them together for a fight with an unknown goal in mind. I’m sure it is nefarious in nature but he is such a shadowy figure that it's just hard to say what his intentions are. This issue focuses on the battle between the two super berserkers.

As the two berserkers do things in the background (like throw hummers at each other and chop down trees with their bare hands), Balder and Locke have a conversation and we finally find out Locke’s ultimate purpose in this fight. He believes it will fulfill a prophecy, and when Aaron kills Farris Odin his armies will return to Earth, apparently bringing on Armageddon. Locke’s plans appear to be in doubt when Farris gains the upper hand in the fight. Just before Farris can finish Aaron off, however, someone interferes. The consequences of jumping into a fight between these two are severe, but the interference does what it is intended to do. Am I being too vague for you? Go pick up the book then!

The artwork is awesome and the background fighting while the two organization heads have a heart to heart are both amusing and just a really cool touch. There is action on nearly every page of this issue and the fight between Aaron and Farris is pretty epic. The artwork is stellar as usual, and the fact that much of the fight takes place in a raging inferno of fire is pretty cool as well. This issue isn’t actually as gory as some of the past ones but definitely maintains its brutality. I like that in this sixth issue they’ve pretty much wrapped up a story arc. This series is moving at a PERFECT pace in my opinion, and the fact that it is constantly packed with cover to cover action always makes for an entertaining read. Berserker continues to impress.

If you’d like a taste of the action contained in issue #6 check out the covers and interiors below and definitely pick this title up in stores.