Review – Incorruptible #7

Reading some press and reviews from other sites as I try to stay abreast of other sites and news from the publishers themselves, I came to a startling realization. BOOM! Studios has an incredibly diverse and yet very high quality lineup out for people from all different walks of life. From Disney titles like Darkwing Duck (which was awesome) to licensed work like 28 Days Later (which has grown on me lately) to unique anti-heroes like Max Damage in Incorruptible, the studio is really onto something.

Speaking of Incorruptible, lets have a gander at issue 7 together shall we? Max Damage has rescued his partner Jailbait from a bad situation but there is a new gang tearing up the city called The Diamond Gang. They claim to be inspired by The Plutonian, the former #1 hero in the world, tearing up Sky City and murdering millions of people. In the end they are just racists using it as an excuse to commit hate crimes but the despicable nature of it is what makes them villains right? Unfortunately for Max, they have some critical information about him that makes them very dangerous.

The issue starts with Lieutenant Armadale being approached by Annie, the woman Max recently used as a decoy while hunting for his missing partner Jailbait. While she was indisposed, The Diamond Gang broke into her house and essentially massacred her family. Unfortunately Armadale is not in a place to help her as he cannot admit to associating with Max as he is still a known and wanted criminal. After being turned down she notices that there is a patient in the room he was guarding that looks very much like her. It's Jailbait who is currently recovering from her kidnapping and rescue by Max. Annie decides that she has a plan and snags something particularly valuable from the room. I’m sure that will have repercussions later.

In the meantime The Diamond Gang is up to their usual shenanigans of murder and mayhem, until Max Damage finds them in an elevator. They discuss Sky City and the gang claims to know a deep dark secret about Max. We don’t find out what it is until the very end of the issue, and we also don’t know if Max let the gang members go free or pummeled them. All I know is that the issue ends with a twist that I did not see coming, even if I'm shocked no one else had figured it out yet.

Overall the story continued to progress. There are a few new plotlines opening up but I’d really like to see The Plutonian again at least in a token appearance. There weren’t any weird supervillains in this issue, but it struck a deeper emotional chord to me just because of the very real actions this gang is taking. To me, these are the horrible things you hear about on the news all the time and that makes it more chilling. The art was spot on as usual and the story left us with a cliffhanger that I can’t wait to see the outcome of. I enjoyed this issue even if it was a little calmer than previous iterations of this title. The final scene made me do a double take and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’d say that is a pretty good finish and certainly has me ready to pick up the next issue as soon as it comes out.

For some interiors check out the shots below and if you have been looking for a unique title with a different kind of hero and haven’t been reading Incorruptible, pick it up and start today!