Review - The Killer: Modus Vivendi #2

It’s tough being a hitman when your target is a Nun; if you kill her you'll set off possible riots and chaos because of her death and that’s just to start. You can see how the get you hooked into the story don’t ya? The Killer: Modus Vivendi #2 is coming out this week and it looks to be a damn fine second issue with more story driven pages. Now let’s get to the next part of the Killer’s tale.

Immediately upon returning to what’s going down around town the Killer realizes he's being tailed by some guys. His inner monologue debates back and forth and he realizez he can either do the job and kill the Nun or don’t and deal with the guys who really hired him. Pretty messed up outlook on life, but sometimes in that sort of world it comes to that. His planned escape doesn’t work as they catch him in an alley flashing the steel and taking him off for a meeting. A simple meeting takes place as the gentlemen lay it out there that he better do the job, and they give him seven days to decide what his choice is. One can only infer what sort of possible outcomes there would be if he doesn’t kill the Nun.

The bigger picture is emerging about what is going on with all the hits. You can see the connections between all the oil guys and what they were after as the oil production is drastically reduced in price. A really odd move I think for them to make, but if their aim is making quick money it’s a sure thing, but it also leads to the destabilization of Venezuela in the process. Making the Killer think he needs to lay low for a while and wait until those guys come to him. It has been a great read so far with the right amount of action and blood with getting to see the what could be the motives behind it all. The "cartel's" next assignment for him has the Killer heading off towards Cuba, which brings the end of the issue with only more questions.

Like I said before a damn good second issue of a fine comic I have to say. Really like the story; they have been presenting it with the right amount of revelations occurring that progresses the story at a good pace. Not going to say I know what is all going to play out, but I bet all these supposed connections are going to flip or something and the real culprit is going to blow your mind. This could not be the case, but hey it is a hitman comic where backstabbing and secret reveals just happen. A great read and really can’t wait for the next issue.

The second issue is written by Matz and illustrated by Luc Jacamon and hit shelves last week. Check out some interiors below.