Review - The Killer: Modus Vivendi #3

Well it seems the Killer is back on the hunt. I'm talking about The Killer: Modus Vivendi #3 that just came out and progresses the story of this unnamed assassin, propelling him to make some more decisions he might not like to help save his own ass. Another great issue and I can’t say enough about the artwork that simply meshes together with the story so well. No sense going on and on; let’s have the review and get back to the action with the Killer.

It doesn’t take long for our Killer to get back to work as we find him in Cuba looking for his next target. The places that he visits just fit so well together and I simply love the locations they set the story in. Cuba teaches him a lesson in life, showing how the depth of his character goes with a little history of Cuba and the sort of work the United States has done there. Basically he reviews all the major hotspots that have occurred in the world since the early 60’s and what all the chaos and killings has done to mankind.

The Killer here also has a job to get done, leading him to take a meeting to determine who can help him accomplish a goal. He is there to possibly make a deal to help save his own ass as the man he has to kill is a pretty popular guy who works in the oil Industry for Cuba and is in charge of negotiating oil deals. The guy is important to both the Columbian cartel as well as the CIA as a person of interest. With civil unrest occurring in other countries and President Chavez nationalizing the oil industry Cuba seems an unlikely place for it to all come together.

The Killer has a plan to take the target and make him "disappear" so that his enemies think that he's dead. He calls his own family, telling them to go spend time out in the forest with his wife's family, thinking something might turn south for the Killer. He gets close to the operative helping him out and propositioning a chance at a new life there in Cuba. An interesting way for the issue to end as with his mentality and being a psychopath he could decide to do it and move there. A great issue and I'm anticipating the next issue.

Check out some interiors below.