Summer Glau is Supergirl

So where are all my Firefly and Serenity fans out there? If I had webcams into all of your homes then I would most likely see most of you out there raising your hands. I'm sure just as many of you out there are also big fans of comics; more specifically, DC Comics and their animated film spinoffs. Now that we've established that you're fans of both, then you should be delighted to know that, according to TV Guide, Summer Glau will be voicing Supergirl in the animated film.

Glau will be playing the role in the upcoming Superman/Batman: Doomsday film available on September 28. She joins Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly, both of whom are reprising their roles as Batman and Superman respectively. All three of them join Bruce Timm, who is keen on Glau's performance.

"It was a fun part for her to play because it wasn't one-note," Timm says. "She could be young and bratty, like a typical teenager, and then show a little bit more maturity, then get feisty, then scared. She's got quite a gamut of emotions to act out."

The film is based on an arc originally written by Jeph Loeb (yeah, the new Vice President over at Marvel) in 2004 and reintroduced Supergirl to the DC Comics universe. In both the story (and presumably the film), Supergirl will struggle to find her place with a brand new set of powers. And we all know that Glau plays that role well, both as River and in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Again, Timm is enthused about her in the role.

"I thought in the comic that Jeph Loeb had done a really good job of sticking to the basics of the origin story, but putting enough twists on it to give it a fresh feel," says Timm,