Superman #700 Celebration

Omnicomic is all about the indie comics. You know, those works that are usually a lot better than what's out there already but you never hear about them because there's not massive marketing budgets behind them. Indie comics wouldn't be getting near the recognition they get now if it weren't for stalwarts of the industry; stalwarts such as Superman.

Superman is turning in Superman #700 hitting stores soon. DC is pulling out all the stops to make the event a big one, and they're celebrating in one way by letting creators chime in on their thoughts on the Man of Steel. Recently, artist Bernard Chang, who teams up with writer James Robinson to present the first story in Superman #700, dropped by DC to offer his thoughts on the character.

“The opportunity to work on SUPERMAN is every artist’s dream. he represents ideals that have defined the modern day American superhero, and is perhaps the most recognizable pop culture icon on earth. to be a part of this monumental issue is a tremendous honor. i tip my hat to my fellow creators who helped contribute to the first 700, and look forward to the amazing work yet to come in the next 700.”

You can check out the cover above (what is sure to be one of many variants) and check out an interior below.