TPB Bonanza!

Perhaps many of you read the site because our leader and head editor attempts to keep you up to date on your favorite comic related movies and news. Perhaps some of you enjoy the original pieces by our staff zombie expert in a world overrun by the fast decomposing living dead. Some of you may even get a kick out of the in depth analysis of comics brought by some of our more talented op-ed writers discussing the history of characters. I tend to be more review focused myself.

In the end I hope you enjoy the site for the comics themselves. Interiors, reviews, discussions and overall enjoyment of the medium are what we are all about here at Omnicomic. If you’ve been following our reviews and picking up our titles as the individual comics come out, we salute you! What’s that? Some of you didn’t get the chance to do that? Not to worry dear readers! Some of our favorites from a number of our writers are coming out in comprehensive TPB form. To find out some more info read on!

Enough suspense. Let me go ahead and fill you in on the trade paperbacks in question: We Kill Monsters, FVZA and Kill Audio. Can’t quite remember what these three fun and very different publications were about huh? No worries, I’ll fill you in.

We Kill Monsters tells the story of two auto mechanics that find themselves improbably thrust into a world of monsters. One of the mechanics is bit by a monster and instantly notices some rather strange side effects. Their lives change from that point forward to hunting the monsters and, as the title would hint at, killing them in their search for a cure and the source of the problem. A talented creative team of Chris Leone, Laura Harkcom, Brian Churilla and Ronda Pattison come together for some humorous writing.

The look and feel is that of a classic cartoon with some truly gruesome monsters mixed in for good measure. After re-reading this series I find myself enjoying more this time around, and I know Brandon enjoyed the series right from the start. Published by Red 5 Comics, pick this collection up in stores if it sounds like your cup of tea. If it doesn’t, that's my fault in the description and you should pick it up anyways.

FVZA (or Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency) it a tale of an alternate world history where the zombie virus has run wild throughout the nations history and vampires are a constant and present threat to national security. I enjoyed the way that actual historical events were taken and then twisted to incorporate how things might have developed if vampires and zombies had been involved. In the present day think of vampires as the ever present terrorist threat with the zombie virus being the doomsday biological weapon. We follow a particular family as they battle through the ranks of the FVZA, trained as children against a threat many believed was under control, and quickly learn of their involvement in the situation at many levels.

Radical Comics publishes the title displaying the work of David Hine, Beau Flynn, Tripp Vinson, Roy Allan Martinez, Wayne Nichols, Kinsun Loh and Jerry Choo with clever writing, brutal artwork and battles with zombies and vampires and ultimately an interesting twist that brings the story to a clean conclusion. Everyone knows that zombies and vampires are hot right now, so I don’t know that I should even NEED to convince you that this is a cool title. I loved this work.

Last but certainly not least I’d like to discuss Kill Audio. BOOM! Studios and the minds of Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Eckert and Mr. Sheldon bring perhaps the most unique and twisted comic I’ve read in my year writing for Omnicomic and life reading comics. Kill Audio is an immortal being brought to a world where music is dying. Genres are battling amongst each other and it seems that good art is dead and gone. Kill Audio must face down enemies trying in increasingly strange ways to kill him and a strange cast of companions to solve the problem.

It's the kind of world that one might see if they spent their entire existence floating in between psychosis and an acid trip, and that is just an assumption since I’ve spent time in neither place. All I know is that if you are tired of the same fare of heroes and villains in your stories and happen to be a lover of all types of art and music, Kill Audio’s take on the world might really interest you. I found myself completely overwhelmed by this comic but still going back to read it again and again to try to piece it all together. Any book that can simultaneously confuse and completely enthrall you is a winner in my book.

So the bottom line is, if you are looking for some quality comic reading in your near future these titles should be on your radar. All three have very different styles and stories, and really no matter what your tastes are I can almost guarantee that one of these will be for you. Happy reading everyone.