Defense with the BoomPick

The only downside to having a holiday happen is it throws off when new comics come out by a day, making you wait longer to get your hands on that next issue to find out what new challenges, triumphs or defeats may occur involving your favorite comic book character. No worries this week as new comics are out tomorrow and from the looks of the list I see a number of them that are going to be interesting to read. The one I am focusing on today is called The Sixth Gun #1 from Oni Press.

In history there are always certain objects or weapons that hold mystical powers to the one who bears them that can bring about devastating destruction or the power to stop evil in its tracks. In some of the worst days the Civil War ever saw, there was a group of the worst kind of men who wielded some of these mystical weapons. These six pistols caused unspeakable damage and destruction wherever they went, but somehow the Sixth Gun disappeared.

Now that lone gun has found its way into the possession of a young woman who now finds herself being chased for that very gun. With evil forces closing in on her looking for that gun, only a gunslinger named Drake Sinclair has the skills and heart to do what’s right and stop them.