Defense with the BoomPick

It’s Tuesday again meaning new comics tomorrow and a nice break from the work week. Even though Comic-Con is happening this weekend we still have a slew of comics coming out to fulfill your comic fix. With so many new comics I had a tough choice picking just one, but sometimes just have to go with what you love reading. For me that one is about zombies and no it’s not a Deadpool pick, but Marvel Zombies 5 #5.

Engame time for our universe-hopping zombie killers as they have managed to track down almost all the necessary zombie samples they need. This leaves Machine Man and his crew to head for the last universe to find their sample and create a cure to wipe it out for good. The universe they are travelling to is full of horrors and danger, the likes of which they have not seen as they are coming to our universe. With ARMOR agents now on their trail intent on stopping their mission at all costs, it's going to be a tough day for Machine Man to get the job done.