Defense with the BoomStick

Today is July 5th, a day in itself not too notable as anything other than just another day. Yesterday was the 4th of July and that day is still a day to celebrate freedom from a great number of things. Becoming even more important now during these times of zombies roaming the earth seeking to wipe out the human race and erase our mark in the history books. Today I do have some news to share, but there won’t be a tip of the week though as I'm taking another day to celebrate. Let me share the news.

Now about that news, most of it’s good, but in this world there is always going to be bad along with it. Bad news first. A few more settlements in Kansas have fallen due to zombie attacks as a lack of supplies lead them to venture out. In this process of venturing out zombies got in somehow and wreaked havoc causing confusion and only handfuls of survivors made it out of those settlements. If you are located in the Kansas region be on the lookout for huge herds of zombies as they could be following the survivors that made it out.

Good news time, see I told you it ain’t all bad for today. First up word is that the Cape Verdean islands off of Africa have been secured and are being set up as a survivor enclave for those that can get there. They are sending patrol boats towards the mainland, picking up survivors that can make it to the coast or leading boats inland. They have strict quarantine measures in place when allowing boats there to make sure zombies don’t get to the islands. They are working in conjunction with survivors on the Gran Canaria Islands in providing aid in any matter they can and a safe zone.

That’s all I have for the news and next week will be a tip. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.