Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news and a tip for survivors.)

I just don’t get why the workload always increases when Monday rolls around and makes the rest of week just look so long and difficult. Here we are again heading into the breach as a nearby settlement is under siege and we've just sent a team from here to help. Always worrisome times when people venture out into the wild, but I've deemed this a worthy cause to help. With that said let me start with the news.

I have nothing but bad to share with you today, as it seems we just can’t catch a break. More spots in Oklahoma, South Dakota and Utah have been overrun by large hordes of zombies and there seems to be no end to them at the moment. I have heard whispers that the US government is planning on using what aircraft and ordinance they have left and targeting as much of the hordes as possible.

News out of Europe has more safe spots in the Alps surviving and securing land, but also seeking more forces to help. Most of the Netherlands and France are overrun with few, if any, remaining survivor enclaves there. Northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland are sending out beacons for survivors to head to with places for safety. Guess there was some good news in there as well, but still things are getting worse every day. Now for the tip.

I thought would do another urban tip as it's been a while since my last one on this topic.

Ways to find water while in a big city can be tough if you don’t know where to look. When travelling about a city silence is the upmost key so make sure all your equipment is tightened down and try not to talk too much if in a group. The first stop to find water is on top of the buildings themselves as most older apartment buildings have water towers on top full of freshwater that is sure to be plentiful. Also, most office buildings have water coolers that should have at least one bottle, if not a few more around close.

Knowing where the water is that’s the easy part; it’s getting to it that proves difficult as buildings are close-quarters nightmares. This makes melee and small handguns your best choice of weapon, but if the handguns aren't silenced then stick to a melee weapon. Try not to veer too far off of the stairwell if you can as if you can get in and out without alerting zombies that ups your survival rate greatly.

That’s all I have for today. More work to do and also a group to monitor. Until next week this is Brandon signing off. Keep fighting. Survive.