Dexter Webcomic Fills in the Blanks

I remember last year at Comic-Con Dexter advertising was everywhere. All the ads featured Dexter's son unknowingly proud of his father being a serial killer. Needless to say the Dexter presence was strong with that show. Fast forward to this year's Comic-Con and the announcement that a new webcomic is in the works about everyone's favorite serial killer called Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo.

Illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and written by Tim Schlattman, the webcomic will take place immediately after the death of Dexter's father Harry. Dexter's enrollment in medical school to perfect his special brand of justice is interrupted by another student spying on him, leading to a confrontation between the two. The webcomic will be voiced by Michael C. Hall, which of course makes sense because a Dexter webcomic wouldn't be the same without, you know, Dexter.

Check out the trailer after the jump. There's something eerily reassuring about Hall's voice paired with the show's theme song.