Lady Death Premiere Free Preview

Brian Pulido’s Lady Death is a comic book character that some of you may have forgotten. Boundless Comics seeks to jog your memory with the upcoming release of Lady Death Premiere, a free preview comic book that will lead into December's ongoing series.

The character has been re-imagined by Pulido and Mike Wolfer (featuring art by Marcelo Mueller) in a way that is "respectful to the character’s tremendously loyal fan base, yet wide open and welcoming to curious newcomers." The preview book will be available this October as a means of introducing (or re-introducing) fans to the lovely character. In the premiere issue (and presumably the story throughout), Lady Death faces the Death Queen, who may be the most dangerous adversary for her yet.

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July 18, 2010 – New publisher Boundless Comics proudly announces that Brian Pulido’s iconic heroine will return in October with LADY DEATH PREMIERE, a free preview comic book with a story that leads directly into December’s ongoing monthly LADY DEATH series!

Truly one of comics’ most recognized and beloved female characters, Lady Death has been re-imagined by original creator Brian Pulido and co-writer Mike Wolfer (Gravel, Wolfskin) for a new ongoing monthly series in a way that is respectful to the character’s tremendously loyal fan base, yet wide open and welcoming to curious newcomers. Just in time for Halloween, the LADY DEATH PREMIERE comic book establishes this new direction with a unique story by Pulido and Wolfer, featuring sequential artwork by Marcelo Mueller.

This first chapter in the new LADY DEATH saga will be available absolutely free from participating retailers nationwide. Additional limited edition variants will be available at regional conventions, while select retailers will be offering these bonus editions at their stores.


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LADY DEATH PREMIERE delivers the most terrifying tale in the character’s illustrious history, an apocalyptic saga that will tear through two dimensions and leave long-time fans reeling! For the first time, Lady Death will face the monumental threat of Death Queen, a viciously sadistic villainess who shares Lady Death's face, has her powers… and before their first encounter is over, she will have her life! The blood-drenched spectacle continues in December’s release of the first full-sized issue of the LADY DEATH monthly series.

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