Lineplot Needs Your Help via Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an all or nothing type website that lets creators pitch an idea with the hope of generating funding for said hope. Lineplot Productions is currently working on a film called Silver Circle which is an animated film about a world following economic collapse. While it's not set in the present day, it is set in the near future where the Federal Reserve has become and evil empire of sorts, controlling the monetary system and housing market. The two entities have temporarily joined forces in a way, and here's where you come in.

Director Pasha Roberts and co. need to raise $9,500 by September 3 to court actors. The money will fund a professional casting session and then help in paying the chosen talent during the 4-6 week shoot. Now the thing about Kickstarter is that it's an all or nothing proposal; either Lineplot gets all the money or they get none of it.

Head on over to the site and pledge away. There's a lovely video pleading for your help that oozes Boston: from begging in front of the Harvard Square T stop to the Fenway Franks to the fabled Red Auerbach statue at Fanueil Hall. The full text pitch is after the jump.

Hi everyone. I'm Pasha Roberts, president of Lineplot Productions - a small animation studio outside of Boston - and producer and director of Silver Circle. Thanks for checking out our Kickstarter page. Silver Circle is an animated feature length film, set in an Orwellian-like dystopian future after massive economic collapse. We see people getting kicked out of their homes, losing their jobs, and feeling helpless as inflation destroys their lives. All the while, the Federal Reserve has grown into an all-powerful "evil empire", whose control and manipulation of the monetary system, housing market, and beyond have effectively, made it more powerful than the three branches of our current government. And fighting against their tyranny is a group of rebels, determined to take back the world they once knew.

We've been hard at work over the past year, designing sets, building characters, and developing a script that expertly balances economics, romance, rebels, and explosions. We now have a shooting script in hand, sets and characters built, the technical know-how to capture live action and translate it to animation, but NO ACTORS!

For the voice over/performance capture milestone of our production, we are hoping to raise $9500 dollars. This money will fund a professional casting session and then go a long way toward helping us pay our chosen talent for the 4-6 week shoot. We ask that you please consider making a donation to help us. And, if you could, please pass the word and help make our production a success.