New Arrivals: July 14, 2010

We're in that calm before the storm that is Comic-Con. Yes, there are some new comics coming out this week, and yes, there's quite a few of them coming out next week and the week after using Comic-Con as a springboard. That's still in the future though, and in the here and now you've got to pick up at least Radical's Legends of the Enchanted Hard Cover.

Tom is speaks highly of this book and for good reason. Writer and illustrator Nick Percival has crafted a tale that comes straight from the pages of your favorite fables. No, this isn't a Zenescope production, but it does have Pinnochio, Red hood and Jack (of the beanstalk variety). Joined by the mercenary Golidlocks and the psychic exterminators Hansel and Gretel, the "fabled" super-team join forces to stop whatever it is murdering their own kind.

The hardcover is $19.95 and I'd say it's well worth it. The book should be in stores this week, but as we all know release dates can be dodgy.


New Arrivals: July 14, 2010