Ragman: Suit of Souls

Picture this if you a will. A lone sort is preparing for a night on the town. He peruses his closet shifting around suits and struggling to settle on what to wear for the evening. He pauses, thinking about what he has on tap for the evening until finally it hits him. There's a suit that he hasn't worn in a while that would be perfect for the evening. He pulls it out of the closet, puts it on in less than five minutes then checks himself out in the mirror. What does he see? See above.

Ragman: Suit of Souls is a one-shot from DC Comics due in stores this October. Writer Christos Gage and artist Stephen are hoping to reintroduce the character to readers known as Rory Regan, a man who also happens to be Ragman. Ragman is responsible as the protector of society's forgotten.

The cover looks really cool, and does a good job at showing, well, souls. Ragman seems to be the DC equivalent of Ghost Rider in a sense, as his suit is comprised of all the souls of evildoers he has punished and absorbed. The one-shot could be the springboard for a new ongoing series, but in the meantime fans will have to settle for one issue in October.