Show Love for The Walking Dead

AMC will be ambling into your homes this October with the small screen adaptation of The Walking Dead, the zombie work by Robert Kirkman. Image Comics has a lot more in store for the fans of the series than just a TV show it would seem, as come October you really won't be able to escape the walking dead.

The Walking Dead Book Six hardcover features 12 more issues (#61-72) of the series by Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. The book clocks in at 304 pages of black and white glory for $34.99, on sale October 13. The Walking Dead: The Covers, fans will be treated to a full-color hardback collection of the first fifty covers in the series and will be available in 184-page full color glory on October 6. You can read these two new books while wearing your brand spanking new t-shirts, one depicting the "Head Stab" and the other depicting the "I Heart" design.

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Catch up with THE WALKING DEAD in October with new trades and t-shirts

Berkeley, CA - 12 July 2010 - Whether you're new to the series or a dedicated fan, you won't be able to miss THE WALKING DEAD in October. The new TV series premiers on AMC, and you'll be able to catch up on the Image Comics series with THE WALKING DEAD BOOK SIX and with THE WALKING DEAD: THE COVERS.

THE WALKING DEAD BOOK SIX hardcover features another 12 issues of the hit series by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. An oversized hardcover volume, BOOK SIX also features the covers for each of the issues. Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone interested in reading a zombie movie that never ends. BOOK SIX collects THE WALKING DEAD #61-72.

In THE WALKING DEAD: THE COVERS, Image Comics presents a full-color hardback collection of the first 50 covers of the series, as well as covers for various collected editions of the series, with added sketch material and commentary.

You'll have one other way to show your love for the THE WALKING DEAD in October: THE WALKING DEAD “HEAD STAB” and "I HEART" T-SHIRTS! Featuring artwork by Charlie Adlard, they're the best way to show the world that you love THE WALKING DEAD!

THE WALKING DEAD BOOK SIX, a 304 page black-and-white hardcover for $34.99, will be in stores October 13, 2010. THE WALKING DEAD: THE COVERS, a 184-page full-color hardcover, will be available October 6, 2010. THE WALKING DEAD “HEAD STAB” and "I HEART" T-SHIRTS will be available the same day. You’ll be able to start counting the days on September 8, 2010, when THE WALKING DEAD 2011 CALENDAR hits store shelves!

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