Thor Trailer

So the trailer for Thor debuted at surprise there. It's now made it's debut on the internets, courtesy of Trailer Addict, which is something of a surprise. I'm guessing that this isn't the official release of the trailer, although I don't get why studios think they can actually have special releases for things like this once they've shown it the world once, but I digress. Check out the five minute video after the read more link as well as thoughts on the trailer (if you don't mind slight spoilers by seeing the trailer).

First, it's definitely going to be the origin story, but I think everyone knew that going in. Thor is brash, Odin is not pleased, Thor gets banished to Earth. Presumably, the hammer is thrown down after him as enticement to be the man he should be. The villain appears to be Loki (once again, no surprise) and presumably Thor will find the right way to be a god by the end, get the hammer and save Earth.

What's interesting to me is that they're pushing the science equals magic angle. Thor comes from Asgaard, which I suppose could be called magic since it's religion. He says that on Earth though people refer to it as science, so I'm expecting we'll be seeing some sort of happy medium between the two called technology.

The trailer looked interesting. I'm a little uncertain about the film being good though; Thor is one of those characters that hasn't ever really been a first thought character for Marvel. Then again, Iron Man wasn't really either until Robert Downey, Jr. came along, so I guess we'll see. Although anything that has Natalie Portman in it easily gets my ticket price. I adore that woman.


  1. i know you say Thor is a go to character when you think of Marvel, but watching that still got me pumped for this movie. I think it can be great so long as their plot makes sense and from the looks not too shabby cant wait until May


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