Defense with the BoomPick

You see what’s going on here don’t you? Were back at Tuesday again with new comics coming out tomorrow with the weekend to follow only that much sweeter. Looking at the list of new comics coming out I was taken aback as it looks like tons of good issues are in store for us tomorrow. As there can be only one, my pick for today is coming from Marvel and is the Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher #1.

Based in the Marvel Knights series showcasing the evilest and worst corner of that universe, Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher #1 boasts a plague covering the globe has turned everyone in crazed cannibalistic predators. With every human, superhero, supervillain and monster in between infected nothing seems to be able to stand in this plague's way as a frenzy of violence and feeding occurs, throwing the world into chaos. It’s been five years since this unimaginable horror happened and we find ourselves following one man combing the remains of New York City, hunting. Of course our lone man is the Punisher who has survived to bring vengeance to all those killed and to stand against this evil.