Defense with the BoomPick

Yes it’s that time again, time for new comics to come out and make this week better then before. Always do look forward to Wednesday and new comics more so when a new Deadpool or zombie comic comes out, but do enjoy other types of comics as well, such as my pick for today. Not every comic needs superheroes or tight spandex to get the job done others go with swords, brawn and the heat of battle to get its story across. Today my pick is One #1 from GG Studio, showing that no peace can last forever when men are involved.

With that peace brought a calm that the realm has not seen in ages, but a thirst for power always rises up for those not satisfied with their lot in life. With war looming and the fate of the world on the line our four heroes embark on a quest to find the key to their salvation. They are in search of a legendary sword named “One” that can turn the tide for whoever possesses it. This sword is the end-all, be-all for the war that is coming, making it a necessity for our heroes to find it first before evil does.