Defense with the BoomPick

Back again we find Wednesday is almost upon us bringing all those new comics with it. If you can’t tell new comics day is what makes the middle of the week not all that bad (in addition to the week being almost over). Tomorrow there are a number of quality titles coming out that prove why comics are just freaking awesome with my pick being one of those. Come on you know when a new Deadpool is coming out I gotta give it a shout out, as my pick for the week is Deadpool #26.

Deadpool just never seems able to catch a break in his quest to become a hero. No matter how much good he tries to do something always goes wrong or he ends up saving the day only to be ostracized or not taken seriously as a hero. For all the bad he’s done in the past Deadpool is going to have to answer for it eventually. What being is better suited for the job of judge than Ghost Rider, a man who can weigh souls and mete out justice to those who deserve it. What sort of justice could be in store for Deadpool? Well this issue answers that and whether our favorite Merc with the Mouth will make it out alive.