Defense with the BoomPick

Here we are again. Another Tuesday, another week of work and another sense of just wanting the weekend to hurry up. Fret not as you always have new comics tomorrow to break the work week up and give you some relaxing times with comic characters doing what they do best. On a sidenote if you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet you need to go see’s freaking awesome. Back to the serious side for my pick this week went with a comic from Top Cow called The Darkness: Four Horsemen #1.

This series has Jackie Estacado in control of the family and being called to meet with the oldest surviving member. The man Jackie is to meet has a job for him that when completed will allow Jackie to control the family without any interference. When The Darkness is involved no job is going to be easy as Jackie heads to a small town in California to face what could be his greatest fight. The Four Horsemen are in town causing death, chaos and destruction to whatever they touch and it’s up to Jackie to stop them. Pick this one up tomorrow to find out whether he is up to the challenge or if this is the one time that The Darkness just isn’t enough.