Defense with the BoomPick

Here we are again. Another week with more work to get done and still too many days until the long Labor Day weekend. Don’t fret yet, as all the new comics are there to break the cycle and give you something fresh to read. For my pick this week I'm going with a comic that falls in line with the action movies of old like Die Hard or Lethal Weapon. A five issue series aptly named 5 Days to Die #1 from IDW Publishing, written by Andy Schmidt and art by Chee. Each issue is a day in a sort of 24 fashion that brings our hero one day closer to his end.

5 Days to Die chronicles the trials of Ray Crisara, a cop John Mclane would be proud to work with, making a call that no-one should have to make. After surviving a terrible traffic accident that left his wife dead, his daughter fighting for life and him with a brain injury slowly killing him life isn’t getting any better for Ray. Realizing that his accident wasn’t in fact an accident, but a possible hit by the largest drug lord in the city sets him on the one of two paths. He has to decide whether to hunt down the men responsible for taking everything away from him or spend his last few days with his daughter. I see this comic getting gritty and raw when you have a man who has nothing left to lose. What’s to stop him from doing whatever it takes?