Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Well we've been under siege for about 12 hours now. Yhey just appeared out of nowhere during the night. Thankfully our walls are holding but we have been amassing a large body count outside and can’t kill too many or else they can climb on top of each other. This is making it quite tough to deal with them all; fire is risky although slowly becoming the best option. We've been hitting them with cannon fire to kill those still some distance away and that’s has been helping a bit. With us holding out and whittling their numbers down let’s have the news.

First off is a little bit from the island of New Zealand to report that they have cleared even more of the island and are accepting refugees into their main port. If you are heading that way be prepared for heavy screening and observation time to make sure you are not infected before being allowed in to start rebuilding. They are working on a plan to send rescue ships towards the coast of Australia to pick up and survivors that can make it to the spots. Local forces in the area will broadcast on all frequencies the locations of their ships in advanced so to give you time to reach them as if they stay in the area too long zombies will surely come.

That's all for the news now the tip. Since we are under siege let that be the topic for today as I'll talk about different methods to defend and possibly, if needed, to escape.

Now I'm fortunate to have some old school cannons like pirates to use and a few mortar guns as well to help defend with. These aren't exactly easy to come by unless you're near an army base or something, but there are other things to use in defending yourself. Walls are always the first thing you want to have...just one for peace of mind and two security giving you some breathing room to operate in. If possible have the wall strong enough to support a walkway that will let you patrol and possibly take out any stray zombies that come your way.

Now if you get presented with a herd of zombies like we are then you have to either somehow lead them away somehow or take them on. Having someone to make it outside and lure them away is the only true method of getting rid of the herd, but it can be a suicide mission for whoever does it. For the person who leads them away you have to plan on making it at least a monthlong trip to lose them and circle back to your base. If you're deciding to fight then be prepare for the long haul by using molotov cocktails, grenades and even flamethrowers if available to keep the herd level down close to your wall. Depending on your walls' height if you kill too many too close the zombies will climb on top of each other to get at you.

There you have the tip for this week, until next week keep surviving. Looks like the herd around here has been taken care of considerably, always good news. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.