First Look at Katee Sackhoff's Versus

If you forgive Katee Sackhoff's role in 24 as Dana Walsh (she was just too whiny for me to even remotely like) then maybe you can accept that she's creating a new comic book character. The character of Versus (seen above) was created by her and Sxv'Leithan Essex and was slated to be announced at Comic-Con, but according to Superhero Hype schedules got crazy apparently.

"Things got really crazy for the both of us with a few other projects which unfortunately took time away from Versus," says Sackhoff. "We wanted Versus to have an impact at Comic-Con and had some very visual ideas to make her seen but time became the enemy and we don't want her to get lost in the mix."

The image is drawn and colored by Essex and the style is inspired by the collaboration between Essex and Sackhoff. I know what you're thinking. It really just looks like Sackhoff put on a Deadpool costume and posed for the illustration. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that's what you're thinking and if that was the case. Essex has a bit more of an explanation though.

"Versus has a hidden bunker where she has the best militant minds as captives to make her weapons, gather the intel she needs, and make her wardrobe. All of them have different types of Stockholm Syndrome which makes for interesting character dynamics: one thinks she's insane, one is extremely sexually infatuated, another thinks she's a God. Those parts are the most fun for us to write as we are very much about character driven pieces with major action sequences. You do the math on which one did the costume."

No word on when the comic will actually be released or who will write it. All you've got to enjoy now is the above image and lots of rumor and speculation. Sackhoff has more in mind than just the comic though.

"We want to build the storyline to a pinnacle where the feature film can take place. Still a jumping off point for moviegoers unfamiliar with her but not to repeat ourselves and give comic book fans something new and exciting to look forward to. Then have the issues after the film pick up where the film left off. That's our goal anyways. Even if we get into making Versus into a videogame down the road, it'll be part of continuity with the comics and films. Always fresh material that follows one timeline."

Sackhoff in a live-action movie in that costume? Yes please.