Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

There’s a Bizarro movie script.

Seriously. This might be old news to the few that make it their business to stay very, VERY informed about such things- but this recently came to my attention and I was completely flabbergasted.

At least, that’s the rumor. With Green Lantern in full production, a Flash script getting put through the paces and, well, hope, I guess, for a Wonder Woman movie, it’s no surprise that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are just the harbingers of what’s probably going to be a renaissance of DC Hollywood movies. I mean, why wouldn’t they follow Marvel's suit, right?

I can barely wrap my head around this, but the rumor is thus (and pardon me, because I know I’m a year late here): Robert Gordon, famed science-fiction-comedy screenwriter known for Men in Black 2 and Galaxy Quest wrote a movie. Starring Bizarro. No one is picked it up yet. But it’s written. In case you want to check the source and get a bunch of spoilers on the plot, Latino Review has got the goods. But this actually popped up on my radar at the MTV Splash Page

Wow. I just don’t know what to say.

Well, okay, maybe I DO know what to say and it might be totally shocking, but this DOESN’T sound like SUCH a bad idea to me. This could be really FUNNY. I mean, you’ve seen so many Superman movies, live action and animated TV shows, abysmal video games. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to watch some ridiculous, absurd parody of the whole thing? Can’t you just picture him, with his weird, big smile, running around, trying to do ‘good’ (‘bad’ to him)?

It’d be that kind of dark comedy that’s like a train wreck. Like you, the viewer, can see the potential for disaster for miles and miles ahead, but the simpleminded, good intentioned Bizarro obliviously plunges forward causing disaster after disaster. And you just have to sit and WATCH this happen, over and over, and the people around him just take it in. Like, maybe said characters get this idea in their head that he’s really Superman? So they just keep trying to justify the totally absurd stuff he’s doing? Because why wouldn’t Superman know what he’s doing- he’s Superman? Or maybe they just think that most people don’t see Superman and up close and realize that he’s, just, an idiot, when you get to know him better?

I like to think that it could be a sort of Arrested Development style thing- you know, where the best of intentions unwittingly sets off this series of events that eventually culminates in some outrageous, serendipitous frantic rush. Of course, the details of the script seem a little more widely scoped than that, with maybe a bit of a 'who doesn’t love Bizarro, after all?’ kind of appeal tossed into the end. But I really think this would be the way to go.

And I think it would be hilarious! I have a feeling this project won’t even get off the ground, which is too bad really. But I would love to get my hands on a copy of the actual screenplay, just to get the feel that Gordon was going for.


  1. Who could play Bizarro though would they go with a comedian or make it a serious role or who do you think would be think Nathan Fillion could do Bizarro right?

  2. Wow, good question.

    How about like- Patrick Warburton?

    Was in the Tick live-action series? Does Brock on Venture Brothers?


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