Image Comics Recruits Bears and Sharks

Allow my complete geekiness to digress just a tad. I've been playing a lot of the new XBLA Magic game, allowing me to revisit my heady days of youth. One of the creatures in the game are Grizzly Bears, which is a 2/2 for two mana. The point being, that if you get these guys out early you can harass the opponent for at least a few turns, earning them the nickname in the Omnicomic circle as the "bastard bears." They're bad enough on their own, but imagine if they were paired with sharks, as in Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark.

The work from Image Comics is actually a reprint of a release from a while back. I'm guessing the release this time around has something to do with Shark Week, but I doubt you'll see a freaking grizzly shark in the show. Leave it to Robert Kirkman to successfully craft a tale of the cross creatures in the woods to fall into your hands TODAY!

Full press release after the jump.

Image Comics gets mixed up again with the second printing of SEA BEAR & GRIZZLY SHARK

Berkeley, CA - 3 August 2010 - Just when you thought it was safe to wander through the woods and go skinny dipping at the beach, Jason Howard (THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN) and Ryan Ottley (INVINCIBLE) showed you otherwise with the sold out SEA BEAR & GRIZZLY SHARK.

To reinforce the fear of mixed up and violent wildlife, Image Comics is reprinting SEA BEAR & GRIZZLY SHARK! This 48-page black and white comic book will be available August 4.

Do not go out at night: GRIZZLY SHARK lurks in these woods. There are many dangers of the deep, but none so deadly as SEA BEAR! Thrill to the adventures of these two exciting new characters, told in two full-length stories and featuring a special prose origin story written by ROBERT KIRKMAN!

The second printing of SEA BEAR & GRIZZLY SHARK, a book that Ain't It Cool News describes as having "...exceptional art and a wildly unique story you simply won't find anywhere else," will be available August 4, 2010.

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