Manga - The Other Whi....what the...stupid festivals.....

So, just in case the title didn't fill you in I'll try to elaborate. One week after my double post for being lazy and missing my deadline the week before, the Obon Festival is going on in Japan and there will be no releases of Bleach and Naruto this week. Curious to know more about the festival? That's what Wikipedia is for. I'd suggest looking it up. I did, but then I got bored.

So, obviously I'll be back next week with some recaps and perhaps another recommendation of a series I really enjoyed. If you'd like to be totally confused and not sure what actually happened in a series try out Ergo Proxy. I believe there are people living in some kind of wasteland with robots and super-beings called Proxies that hold the salvation of mankind or something. As often happens in science fiction, the concepts are pretty wild and out there, but all in all it is still an entertaining series. Check it out to get your mind twisted and I'll be back next week with the main attraction.

Until then happy reading.