New Arrivals: August 18, 2010

Where oh where does the time go? We're halfway through August at this point and this month isn't showing any signs of letting up. One thing that's constant regardless of the month and time of year is the day that is Wednesday. That's the day you make your way from school, work or you parents' basement to head to the comic book store to help your pull list live up to its name. This week's noted pull? Loosely Based from Arcana Studio.

Written by Nikola Jajic and illustrated by Rick Hershey, Loosely Based tells the tale of Duncan Moreno and his success of his newest novel becoming a popular best-seller. His success is mitigated when his characters begin coming to life, demanding inclusion in future works. This of course leads to a downward spiral filled with vengeful antagonists, needy protagonists, a mysterious muse, and some good old fashioned murder.

The graphic novel will set you back $14.95. Check out some interiors below.


New Arrivals: August 18, 2010