New Arrivals: September 1, 2010

Hard to believe that it's already September; the summer definitely flew by. With September though comes football season and all the trappings of fantasy leagues. Huzzah. You're not here for fantasy football advice though (which I can gladly discuss 24/7) and with this being a comics site I should probably mention what book is coming out this week you may be interested in. That book is Mecha-Nation #1.

Mecha-Nation #1 is written by Greg Weisman, Vic Cook & Greg Guler and features art by Antonio Campo. In it, high school students Kevin, Marcus, Ray, Zehra and Susie have only recently discovered their true natures as Stealth, Blast!, Tank, Charge and Farenheit. Fears of a mole in Glass Lake High School cause them to fear that their secret identities are at risk.

The book has the look and feel of the Esurance commercials or Kim Possible with the art style. It's sort of manga-ish even. I guess though that since the story takes place in a high school that it's a prerequisite that the illustrations have that manga feel to them.


New Arrivals: September 1, 2010