Next Step for Star Wars: Legacy

I've personally never met Dark Horse co-founder Randy Stradley. According to the Dark Horse website though, he's a pretty fierce shot when it come to his T-16 and womp rats. Based on that alone, I would trust him when he starts talking about the future of Dark Horse's Star Wars: Legacy.

Up to this point, readers have been witness to a galaxy-wide conflict. The conflict is about get crazier with the return of Sith Emperor Darth Krayt from his deathlike stasis sleep. He was rumored to be dead after his confrontation with Cade Skywalker, but I suppose that checking for a pulse isn't a part of the Jedi training. Proverbial battle lines have been drawn as the Jedi, Galactic Alliance and Emperor-in-exile Roan Fel are all facing off one hundred thirty-five years after Luke Skywalker did that whole "overthrow the Emperor Palpatine thing."

Star Wars: Legacy writing veteran John Ostrander returns, alongside penciler (and co-plotter_ Jan Duursema, inker Dan Parsons and colorist Brad Anderson. Star Wars: Legacy—War #1 is due in stores December 15. Stradley recently did an interview with MTV Splash Page that's chock full of more info, so head on over and check it out for the deal yo.